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A Christian sense of mission was the catalyst for Alejita's initial visit to Haiti forty years ago and it remains at the heart of our work today. Intellectual, emotional and medical support are three pillars of our work in Haiti, but spiritual strength sustains our labor. In our orphanage and school we teach that a spiritual life is not simply a religious life, but rather, the external manifestation in daily life of an intimate connection with our Creator and of the harmony of our thoughts and actions.

We often receive news from Gastón and the children telling us how a timely moment of prayer or a biblical story serve as words of inspiration, encouragement, and peace for the members of our community. The greatest miracle to date took place during the earthquake that shook Port-au-Prince in 2010. As Gaston and the children were having dinner, the house started shaking violently. In the midst of danger and fear, the children called to Jesus repeatedly, "Jezi! Jezi! Jezi!" When the earthquake stopped, the miracle became evident: many houses in the neighborhood had collapsed, others suffered irreparable damages, and untold lives were lost, but our orphanage-school remained standing and not a child was hurt.

At Buen Samaritano, faith and spirituality support our struggle for social justice.

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