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Our History

Buen Samaritano's work began in 1971, when Alejandrina "Alejita" Tavárez visited Haiti for the first time.  With a single photograph in hand and two of her young children in tow, Alejita set off to Port-au-Prince determined to find the group of orphans in the picture. Forty years later, her work continues to grow: the orphanage at Rue Bolosse houses 30 children aged 2-16 and its school educates 40 students.

Today our efforts are led by two protagonists of the first visit to Haiti: Jimmy Tavárez, Alejita's son and early travel companion, and Gaston Bienvenu, one of the orphans in the photograph that inspired the foundation of Buen Samaritano.

In 1989 Buen Samaritano expanded its work to the town of Nigua, Dominican Republic, where we lend support to the town's leprosarium, in addition to organizing social development programs.

Our Future

In 2005, Buen Samaritano purchased 5-acres of land in a peaceful location by the ocean. The site, located some 50 km northwest of Port-au-Prince near the town of Williamson (Arcahié), will house a school-orphanage-hospital complex, a working farm, and a community center. Our new campus will meet the health, education and spiritual needs of a severely disadvantaged rural community and a growing population of tent city dwellers displaced after the earthquake.

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