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Haiti - News

A Quake-Scarred Nation Tries a Rural Road to Recovery
When the earthquake leveled Port-au-Prince on Jan. 12, 2010, planners and visionaries here and abroad looked past the rubble and saw an opportunity to fix the structural problems that have kept Haiti stuck in poverty and instability. An idea that won early support was to shrink the overcrowded, underemployed, violence-ridden capital and revive the desiccated, disused farmland that had long been unable to feed the country.
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The New York Times, Randal Archibald

Charity Fatigue has Haitian Officials Calling for More Investments
PORT-AU-PRINCE -- As Haitian and foreign officials laid the first stone of a new 605-acre industrial park on a bulldozed bean field this week, they each heralded it as not just a foundation for job creation but a new model for economic development.
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The Miami Herald, Jacqueline Charles

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