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Board of Directors

Alejandrina Tavárez, Founder and Chief Executive Officer:

With more than 40 years of field experience, Alejita oversees the daily operations of Buen Samaritano. She maintains constant communication with administrators and staff in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, educates and fundraises in churches, offers TV and radio interviews, and continues to work in disadvantaged communities in her native Puerto Rico.

James Tavárez, President:

Jimmy's deep personal connection with Haiti began as a child, during his mother's first trip to Port-au-Prince in 1971. Presently, he administers Buen Samaritano's operations and improvements, oversees the architecture and design team drafting the master plan for the new campus in Williamson, and schedules and organizes medical and missionary trips to Haiti. Jimmy is a Senior Data Center Analyst for South Florida's Memorial Healthcare System.

Marcos Feliciano Juarbe, Secretary:

Although Marcos has been a sponsor of Buen Samaritano's work for more than a decade, his first trip to Haiti in 2009 spurred his role in fundraising and planning. He co-organized and participated in Buen Samaritano's earthquake relief work in 2010.  A forty-year veteran of the insurance industry in Puerto Rico and the United States, Marcos establishes contacts with government and business leaders and supports Buen Samaritano's connections with other non-profit organizations.

Samuel Robles, Financial Adviser

Samuel maintains our general income registry and payments; oversees the publication of financial reports, and serves as the lead advisor in all fiscal areas. He is a veteran of Puerto Rico's banking industry and currently serves as Vice-president and Regional Manager at Banco Popular de Puerto Rico. Samuel has been involved with Buen Samaritano since his youth, when he took up various fundraising activities as a way to court his future wife, Amy, Alejita's daughter.

Elizabeth "Ellie" Tavárez, Development Director

Ellie manages Buen Samaritano's fundraising efforts and public relations campaigns as well as the organization's website and monthly newsletters. Her commitment to public service has earned her various honors, including the 2006 Hispanic Women of Distinction in Broward County (FL) and the 2000 C.A.R.E. award from the South Broward Hospital District in South Florida.  She has been involved with Buen Samaritano for 10 years.

Gaston Bienvenu,  Mission Director in Haiti

Gaston Bienvenu was born and raised in Haiti. He was 7 years old when he was brought to the orphanage along with his younger brother. At 34, he left Haiti to study in France, where received a Law degree, got married and had a son. In 1996, while still in Paris, he received a letter from Alejita (whom he calls "Mama Aleja") with the sad news that the school in Port-au-Prince had to close, that the church was unattended and the orphanage was also suffering. At that moment, he felt called to return to Haiti to rebuild and strengthen the operations. Since then, Gaston has taken over all responsibilities of the orphanage, the school and the church, following on the footsteps of his late aunt Fifi, who raised him and who had founded, and later administered for many years, the orphanage that Alejita found on her first visit to Haiti.

Samuel Tavárez,  Mission Director in the Dominican Republic

Samuel's involvement with Buen Samaritano's work in the Dominican Republic began almost immediately upon our first trip to Nigua in 1989. Presently, he oversees all operations in the country, leading the construction of community homes and churches and organizing aid, educational, and spiritual campaigns. Samuel is Senior Mail Carrier for Federal Express in South Florida.

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