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Areas of Work


Buen Samaritano is committed to enrich and empower the lives of orphans and poor children through an integrated approach to education. Christian values, curiosity and love of learning, environmental stewardship, a commitment to music and the arts, and care for others combine to develop responsible and industrious citizens committed to the betterment of society. read more


Buen Samaritano is dedicated to meet the health and wellness needs of impoverished communities. We aim to improve poor and rural standards of living through a focus on health education and preventive care. Our work focuses on severely underserved communities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. read more


A Christian sense of mission was the catalyst for Alejita's initial visit to Haiti forty years ago and it remains at the heart of our work today. Intellectual, emotional and medical support are three pillars of our work in Haiti, but spiritual strength supports our labor. In our orphanage and school we teach that a spiritual life is not simply a religious life, but rather, the external manifestation in daily life of an intimate connection with our Creator and of the harmony of our thoughts and actions. read more


Buen Samaritano is committed to environmental conservation and education. We foster the basic ideas of conservation, sustainability, and reforestation by example. We are committed to green building practices and active learning experiences that engage our communities in our responsibility towards environment renewal. read more

Community Service

Buen Samaritano aims to foster important skill and community-development opportunities in its commitment to rural health, childhood and adult education, agricultural development, and cultural programming. Our purpose is spiritual, educational and medical, yet we see our efforts primarily as a partnership with the members of our communities, who run, maintain and develop our programs. read more

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